Systematic review guidance and support

The Research & Evidence team is offering support to members with the development of their own systematic reviews.
Last modified
18 January 2024

Introducing systematic reviews

Systematic reviews identify, evaluate and summarise the findings of all individual studies relevant to the research question.

The synthesis of primary research gives a more reliable answer than one study alone, allowing more confidence in conclusions drawn.

The Research & Evidence team created a free online learning on systematic reviews (on RCPCH Learning). This describes the main stages and considerations of conducting a systematic review.

Getting support for your systematic review

We can now provide expertise to members on their development of systematic review protocols, which will aid in their child health research.

The team will advise on how to design a search strategy, the databases to search and how to download and sift the retrieved references.

You will also be pointed towards the PRISMA statement to ensure that all items are addressed in your write up. This is a requirement of many leading journals.

This image outlines our process: 

Flow chart: 1. Apply / 2. Review application / 3. Submission of draft protocol / 4. Return comments within 4-6 weeks / 5. Review of updated protocol

How to apply for support

Please complete our online form. This includes some questions about you, including your membership number. It also asks for the following details about your systematic review, with the option to add supporting evidence, such as references and links:

  • Specialty area
  • Brief description of proposed topic and current clinical practice
  • Objective - why there is a need for a new or updated systematic review
  • Current evidence - whether there are any existing systematic reviews on the topic
  • New evidence - whether there is any significant new evidence on the topic

We will acknowledge receipt within one working week. Please email with any queries. 

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