Paediatric rota gaps survey 2024 - about this project

We are asking College Tutors across the UK to complete a survey, or ask their relevant colleagues to do so, about rota gaps in their Trust or Health Board. The data collected will give us a better understanding of rota gaps in paediatrics and reasons. We can use this information to support our membe...

National Neonatal Audit Programme - Data dashboard

This clinical audit, commissioned by HQIP, aims to improve care to babies admitted to a neonatal unit in England, Scotland and Wales. Our interactive dashboard shows data on our 10 performance metrics and is updated on a quarterly basis. The link to the dashboard is below.

Paediatric workforce information and evidence library

We have collated paediatric workforce information in the UK - both from RCPCH and publicly available sources - and displayed as interactive maps as well as an 'evidence library'. These aim to support College, members, workforce planners and other stakeholders, and are regularly updated.