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BPSU - Privacy notice

This privacy notice covers the personal data of the BPSU clinical respondents who contribute to the BPSU epidemiology system. This privacy notice does not cover the use of clinical data or the legal grounds for processing it. Privacy details on the clinical data collected by the study teams is a...

Request support for your research project

We can work in partnership with organisations to plan, develop and deliver research. We offer project management and methodological support, children and young person engagement support and stakeholder representation. Whether you have an idea for a research project, or have already started your work...
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Web forum terms and conditions

Welcome to our online community. The below includes community guidelines, restrictions on posts, how we moderate the forums and copyright information. All users are required to abide by these.
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About the National Paediatrics Diabetes Audit

The NPDA is performed annually in England and Wales. The sole aim is to provide information that leads to an improved quality of care for those children and young people affected by diabetes. We produce two reports: report on care processes (healthcare checks) and outcomes; and a report on hospital ...