Manual of Childhood Infections - The blue book, 4th edition (2016)

Packed with helpful tips and practical guidance, including lists of alternative diagnoses and useful tables.

Other key features

  • Includes key references for additional reading and suggestions for future research
  • Based on best practice in the UK and Europe, and written for the new European diploma courses and UK Diploma courses in PID (primary immune deficiency)
  • Contains contributions from over 150 international experts writing on specialised topics
  • Includes a neonatal and paediatric formulary of around 100 of the most commonly used antimicrobials, based on the BNF for Children, and presented in a simple easy-to-use weight-based dosing regimen

New to this edition

  • Updates to all key chapters based on a literature review
  • New chapters based on emerging problems for Europe, especially focusing on antimicrobial stewardship and emerging pandemic threats
  • Updated and improved formulary