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Essential e-learning covering health promotion and common child health issues from infancy to adulthood, the Healthy Child Programme 0-18 is an award-winning suite of e-learning materials for healthcare professionals made up of three distinct programmes.

Education by child health professionals, for child health professionals

Developed and quality-assured by a team of multi-disciplinary experts, each programme focuses on crucial areas for the health professional team caring for children and young people.

Early Developmental Support

Launched autumn 2017


A high-quality free resource for education, health and social care professionals who support children with special educational needs and disabilities

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) have developed the Early Developmental Support e-learning course in association with The Open University, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the University of Hertfordshire.
The course enables skills development for professionals from health, education and social care who are involved in the care of children with special educational needs and disabilities. It incorporates a wide range of materials from the Early Support Programme and focuses on the use of Developmental Journals and their role in keyworking.

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The six e-learning sessions are based on the Early Support Programme and are designed to improve implementation and the achievement of educational goals for all learners involved in the child’s care.
The Early Support Programme created specialist Developmental Journals related to specific conditions and more general Developmental Journals for preschool and school age children and young people.  This course provides the training for clinicians, practitioners and multi-disciplinary teams that is essential for the effective and safe use of the Developmental Journals.  It also provides a portal to the journals themselves and the full range of other Early Support materials. The Developmental Journal for Babies and Young Children with Visual Impairment (DJVI), for example, provides structured early childhood intervention and guidance for young children with visual impairment.  However, training is essential for its effective and safe use.  The Developmental Journal Visual Impairment is available here
The six e-learning sessions that make up the course build on scientific evidence, as well as practitioner and family experiences.
Supporting Children and Young People’s Development
An Introduction to Using Early Support Materials in Context
Introducing and Using a Developmental Journal
Developmental Journal Visual Impairment: Developmental principles (two sessions)
General Developmental Principles (for use with all Developmental Journals)
The sessions are designed to be accessed at three levels:
Level 1: Broad audience, including parents and generic practitioners;
Level 2: Health professionals, allied health professionals and practitioners;
Level 3: Specialist health and educational professionals.


Specifically developed to support the implementation of The Healthy Child Programme (0-19 years), the early intervention and prevention framework, from the Department of Health, which lies at the heart of all universal services for children and families

Healthy Child Programme: Pregnancy and the first five years of life, DH, 2009 (PDF, 1.16MB)

Healthy Child Programme: 5 - 19 years old, DH, 2009 (PDF, 1.43 MB)


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Promoting health during pregnancy and the first five years of life - more

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Promoting the health of children aged 5-12 - more
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Promoting the health of young people aged 12-18 - more

The Healthy Child Programme contains a wealth of knowledge suitable for all health professionals:


HCP (0-5)

HSCP (5-12)

AHP (12-18)

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Available 24 hours a day for flexible learning via e-Learning for Healthcare

The materials are free to all those employed by the NHS in the UK. Anyone working outside the NHS will need to buy licenses as individuals or through their employers via the registration pages for each programme on the e-Learning for Healthcare website.

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