BPSU - update your details

Thank you for visiting this page. You were recently sent a letter by the BPSU office because whilst auditing our surveillance database we noticed that you had not responded to three or more of our reporting cards.

This form is now closed. If you wish to be re-added to the BPSU scheme, please contact us via email at bpsu@rcpch.ac.uk

If you are still willing to report rare childhood disease cases to the BPSU each month, please provide us with your updated details by pressing the button below which will take you to an online form.

If you would like to be removed from the scheme entirely, please continue on the same form where you will be able to request this.

If you do not respond by Monday 4 November 2023, we will assume you want to be removed from the scheme.

You will need your unique identifiable number, which can be found on the letter sent to you.

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