British Paediatric Surveillance Unit

The BPSU is a world leading centre for rare paediatric disease surveillance. It enables doctors and researchers to investigate how many children in the UK and Republic of Ireland are affected by particular rare diseases, conditions or treatments each year.
We welcome applications from clinicians and researchers who wish to carry out national surveillance on rare childhood diseases.
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SInce 1985 we have facilitated research on over 100 rare conditions, and have immensely influenced decisions about these diseases and the impact on patients.
If you are a consultant paediatrician or SAS doctor with your own case load working in the UK or Republic of Ireland, and do not already receive the BPSU eReporting cards, please complete our form.

Our latest annual report

The BPSU 2020-21 annual report explains how the orange eCard surveillance system works, has a yearly review of activities from the BPSU chair and includes updates on current BPSU studies - and much more.

Research news from the College


BPSU will soon launch a new data collection platform

We've worked with the University of Dundee Health Informatics Centre on a new platform to collect data on rare diseases - making it easier for clinicians to report cases and complete their clinical questionnaires.

Rare Disease &Us - views from children, young people and families

Over the last year, children, young people and families have been thinking about rare diseases and what matters to them. To mark Rare Disease Day 2022, the RCPCH Engagement Committee has pulled together views and thoughts in this letter.