National Neonatal Audit Programme

One in eight babies in the UK need specialist care when they are born. They may be born too early, with a low birth weight or have a medical condition. Since 2006, our clinical audit aims to improve care to these babies.
Our latest report on 2017 data, expected to launch on 28 September 2018, is currently undergoing final sign off with NHS England.
We ask doctors and nurses to record data such as babies' temperature, screening for eye disorders and medicines, as well as consultation with parents.
NNAP Online is a resource that helps you view and compare results across the country.

For parents: What does NNAP do for your and you baby?

We monitor whether the care that has been provided to babies and their families matches up to professionally agreed standards.

By describing areas which are good, and those which could be better, the NNAP helps hospitals, neonatal networks, and those who plan healthcare, to improve neonatal care.

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