Your baby's care - measuring standards and improving neonatal care

This is a quick guide for parents and carers about the National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP), which works to improve standards of neonatal care in neonatal units in England and Wales.

Your baby's care, which you can download below, introduces our National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) Annual Report on 2020 data.

NNAP data helps neonatal units to give better care to babies. We assess whether babies have had the health checks recommended for them to reduce the risk of complications, and we check how well babies are doing following this care.

Approximately one in seven babies born in the UK will spend at least a few days in hospital in a neonatal unit, which looks after babies who are born early, with a low weight or who have a medical condition that needs specialist treatment.

The guide includes a glossary so it's more accessible. It's available in both English and Welsh.

The photos and quotes in Your baby's care were sent by families who entered our photo competition. We'd like to say a huge thank you to all the families who shared their experiences of neonatal care and beautiful images with us!