National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) governance and delivery

There are a number of governance systems in place to ensure the smooth delivery of the National Neonatal Audit Programme. Further information can be found below.

The top-level governance group for this audit is the Maternity, Perinatal and Infant Independent Advisory Group (lAG). The Maternal, Perinatal and Infant lAG provides strategic governance and insight to the Maternal, Perinatal and Infant programmes commissioned and managed by HQIP as part of the NCAPOP. The IAG provides a systematic overview of these programmes, considering opportunities for alignment and collaborative working, and ensuring there is no duplication of effort.

Each programme within the remit of the Maternal, Perinatal and Infant lAG has a dedicated subgroup, including NNAP. The role of the NNAP subgroup is to offer strategic oversight, consider progress and outputs from the core work of the programme, review provider performance, consider the strategic context in which the programme operates (e.g. policy, regulation) as well as supporting specification development meetings ahead of re-tenders.

Governance at RCPCH

The audit is governed operationally by a Project Board, chaired by the RCPCH Vice President for Science and Research. It comprises members from key stakeholder organisations and groups, including several parent representatives.

  • The Methodology and Dataset Group assists the Project Board with technical matters, such as analysis planning, presentation of results, and development and review of measures. 
  • The Project Board is responsible for overseeing the audit and providing oversight and advice to the programme. 
  • Clinical accountability is provided by the Vice President for Science and Research. 
  • Clinical leadership is provided by the NNAP Clinical Lead and organisational and contractual accountability is provided by the RCPCH Director of Research and Quality Improvement. 

NNAP Project Team

  • Rachel Winch, NNAP Audit Manager, RCPCH
  • Dr Sam Oddie, NNAP Clinical Lead
  • Simon Duncan, Project Administrator, RCPCH
  • Tom Keiller, Project Administrator, RCPCH
  • Humfrey Legge, NNAP Data Analyst, RCPCH
  • Lucy Adamson, NNAP Project Coordinator, RCPCH