Thrive Paediatrics - Wellbeing and Innovation Networks

In order to thrive at work, we need to feel like our voice is being heard, that we belong and have purpose and meaning in what we do. These principles are behind the development of regional Wellbeing and Innovation Networks (WINs), communities of paediatricians and allied health professionals who will come together to share stories, draw on experiences and use the RCPCH Thrive Roadmap to activate change.
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What are WINs?

Wellbeing and Innovation Networks (WINs) will offer paediatricians the chance to know that their story matters. They will be a place to share ideas and try things out.

Each WIN will be led by a group of champions, individuals passionate about wellbeing and workforce, who want to engage their local colleagues in this project. Wider members will come from across the region and will represent the diversity of our paediatric workforce.

As the number of WINs grows, we anticipate that there will be collaboration across regions with chances to present at regional and national events.

Pilot sites

With funding from the Dinwoodie Foundation, we are developing two pilot WIN sites. The Thrive Paediatrics team will work closely with these regions over the next two years, and we will post updates regularly as well as stories from WIN members.

However, not being part of a pilot region doesn’t preclude you from being involved in creating a WIN. Please get in touch if you are interested at and we can arrange a discussion.