Annual review 2022

In this annual review, staff and members share why their work at the College is so important and meaningful. 2022 was a busy year where we sought to #ShiftTheDial on Health Inequalities, launched a new RCPCH Learning platform, led on policy work across the four nations and so much more.
Camilla Kingdon - 2col

Being President is the most amazing experience!

Together we can make magic and I see my role as being to enable the extraordinary talent and wealth of ideas that I know is in our specialty, to be heard and channelled.

Dr Camilla Kingdon - President

Young girl wearing glasses looking to camera and writing in book
Read case studies from some of our major campaigns that have made a significant impact in the lives of children and young people.
Two professionals talking and revieiwng papers, with computer
We are involved in many projects that help better our workforce, support better clinical care and so much more. Read about the great work we do.
young girl flexing arm muscle
Learn more about our programmes and campaigns that help to tackle climate change, shine a light on health inequalities and provide better quality improvement.

Speaking with one voice

The annual review serves to remind us that our collective voice does resonate strongly in the UK and internationally. Despite the backdrop of uncertainty in an ever-changing world, we can be proud in what we’ve been able to do.

Rob Okunnu - CEO