Information Governance team

The Information Governance team is responsible for overseeing information management at the College including:

  • compliance with UK data protection legislation and other information legislation
  • records management of electronic and physical records to maintain the authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability of College records
  • working with external partners, including NHS Digital, Information Commissioners Office and Health Research Authority
  • completing the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • overseeing the Data Protection Committee
  • managing, promoting and collecting the historical archives.  

The Data Protection Officer sits in this team and is currently working on a three-year GDPR programme to bring the College in line with new data protection obligations, while supporting members through guidance and updates on the website.

The team can be contacted at

For more information about how the College uses your personal data, please see our website privacy notice and membership privacy notice

Recent content

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Privacy notice - member survey 2021

Members are invited to complete a voluntary survey, and the raw data we collect will be used to understand our membership and improve our services, and shared in aggregated format. We will always store your personal data securely.
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Privacy notice - closed-circuit television (CCTV) at London office

CCTV is in used within the College building for crime prevention and safety purposes. The recordings capture video footage of individuals inside the building. The following explains how RCPCH captures and uses this information and the way we protect your privacy.

GDPR: six months on

The General Data Protection Regulation, along with the Data Protection Act 2018, replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 on 25 May 2018. Here we address some of the common misconceptions about the legislation six months after it came into effect. 

GDPR: What has changed?

In the first of a new series of blogs advising RCPCH members how to be compliant with GDPR, our Information Governance Manager, Adele Picken, looks at some key changes implemented at the College, including a new member representative role on our Data Protection Committee.
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Privacy notice - Awards

This privacy notice is for Honorary Fellowship, the James Spence Medal and the RCPCH Members' Award nominees and nominators.