Quality assure content

An important function of the RCPCH is to deliver high-quality educational content to its members and other child health professionals. Your involvement in the assurance of both RCPCH and non-RCPCH programmes helps ensure this.

Who can take part?

We need subject experts as well as education experts, whether members or non-members, to review RCPCH and non-RCPCH educational content.

What would this involve?

Quality assurance of educational programmes is essential to assure that high-quality content and delivery is associated with the RCPCH brand. When reviewing a programme for example, you may be asked consider the following questions:

  • Does the programme appear relevant to the educational needs that have been outlined?
  • Are the learning outcomes clearly stated and addressed?
  • Does the programme appear to be well resourced and managed?

Approval shows that the RCPCH recognises that the education programme meets the RCPCH quality standards and the RCPCH agreed to ‘invest’ in the programme.


If you're interested in quality assuring content and would like more information please contact us.

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