Careers and Communities team

We are responsible for supporting members throughout their whole working lives. Here are our key priorities.

Thrive Paediatrics - Our shared commitment to cultivating sustainable services for children and young people
This project aims to improve the working lives of paediatricians. Through community building, creating pathways for change, sharing good practice and helping to connect inspiring teams, we work to transform members' working lives and create lasting change.

Choose Paediatrics - Inspiring a career in paediatrics
We promote paediatrics as a career to those new to the specialty and we support them in their early stages before applying to training. We also run prizes for medical students and foundation doctors and support the UK Aspiring Paediatricians Society.

Lifelong Careers - Support throughout your paediatrics career journey
This is about the opportunity for a dynamic, fulfilling career across your whole working life. We are developing more support and resources around alternative career journeys, including SAS doctors, locally employed doctors and working less than full time, with a focus on supporting career development for International Medical Graduates working in the NHS.

Support and Communities - Empowering our multidisciplinary paediatric workforce
This work focusses on looking at the development of a multidisciplinary workforce to support paediatric service needs, with a focus on developing ACP and PA roles in paediatrics. The team also runs the Careers guidance scheme.

The Careers and Communities team forms part of the Workforce and Careers team, along with Workforce Information.

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