Survive and thrive in paediatrics

Paediatrics is a rewarding but challenging specialty. Our fill rates are up, but encouraging people to choose paediatrics isn't enough. We're committed to supporting you at every stage, from training and beyond. Find out more about the work we're doing around workforce, rota gaps and wellbeing, and hear from other paediatricians about what helps them.

How is the College supporting you?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, paediatricians have had to show extraordinary resilience.

In autumn 2020, Camilla Kingdon, our VP for Education and Professional Development and Hannah Jacob, Trainees Committee Chair introduced the College's plans on retention - an evolving project. Through a blog and live event, they asked members to share challenges, successes and strategies so we can continue to support each other.

Written by current trainees, this guide covers the essential elements on what to expect from your training post, and examples of good practice that showcase how different centres across the UK look after their trainees.
Staff Grade, Associate Specialist and Specialty (SAS) doctors play important roles in general paediatrics and community child health. We support on training and education, plus representation through the SAS Committee.
As a consultant or other career-grade doctor, you may have a varied career path in paediatrics - such as a 'portfolio career' or less than full time working, volunteering overseas or taking a career break. We look at the varied options.

"We are all so grateful because of you..."

"You are helpful, kind, caring and professional"

We've been speaking with children and young people about their experiences with the NHS - have a look at what they have to say!.

To identify how best you learn, develop critical thinking and improve your clinical practice, you can engage in regular reflection. We offer key tips and look at self-care, especially for trainees.
We're committed to introducing a new two-level ‘run through’ specialty training programme by 2023, ensuring it is flexible, fulfilling and fit-for-purpose
It's about doing everything we can to make your working lives better..." In this short film from autumn 2019 (before COVID-19), Russell Viner looks at how we as a College can provide support throughout your career.
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Serena and Simon are married, and have two teenage boys, two rescue chickens and a retired greyhound... and are both paediatricians. Coffee in hand, Serena interviews Simon: how have they got where they are now?
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Team working, compassion for others and a lot of self care are all part of a fulfilling career in paediatrics, writes Dr Sanjay Suri. He shares some of his personal experiences from his 20-year career as a consultant paediatrician in south Yorkshire.
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Two and a half years into his career as a PEM consultant, and David James has learned much about how to balance the clinical work, the management, the training... Taking time for a cycle down country lanes helps!