Volunteer application form - England Area Officer: South

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Thank you for considering applying for the RCPCH England Area Officer: South post!

Do make sure you read the full role description on our web page, with particular attention to the requirements, before starting your application.

Please ensure you read the role description and understand the requirements before starting your application. 

We cannot accept late applications.

Your privacy

It is very important that you read and understand our membership privacy notice which explains how we will use the data we collect from you. For certain positions, you may be required to provide a valid email address that will be published on our website but this will be detailed in the role description. We will only ever process your personal data in compliance with UK Data Protection legislation.

Completing this application form

You can apply for one volunteering opportunity at a time. This form is to be completed by members wishing to apply for the England Area Officer: South role. Then select Start.

You will then need to complete:

  • Code of Conduct - outlines the behaviours and values for all members undertaking work for the College
  • Your details - your contact details, job title and qualifications 
  • CV / statement - a digital copy of your CV (eg as PDF or Word document); some posts also require a written statement of 250 words.
  • Proposers - a few posts require you add details of two RCPCH Ordinary Members, Fellows, Senior Fellows Senior Members or Honorary Fellows whose primary postal address registered with the College is in Ireland to support your application, as noted on the role description
  • Diversity monitoring - to support the College's commitment to being a more inclusive organisation (this form opens in a new browser window)
  • Declarations - including that you have read the privacy notice and good standing requirements, and have discussed your intention to stand for this post with your employer if needed

You can save this form if needed by select the Save Draft button. You'll get an email to the email address you provide in Your details with a link to go back to the form.

Once you complete the form, select Submit. You'll get an email as confirmation.