Become a Fellow (by election)

Fellowship is the pinnacle of RCPCH membership. It recognises practitioners who have completed their specialist training and celebrates their contribution to paediatrics and child health.

The deadline for the next round of applications is Friday 28 June 2024. See more details on Fellowship benefits and how to apply on this page.


If you’d like to stand for a senior College role such as President or Vice President, you will need to become a Fellow first.

If you are working in a substantive, non-training post, and are not on the GMC or IMC specialist register in paediatrics but have achieved distinction you can apply for Fellowship via election.

Examples of distinction include:

  • Several first-named articles in international peer reviewed journals
  • National service development leadership roles, which will be judged on what is thought to be achievable locally
  • Examiner Elect for the College

Please note you will need two scanned signed letters of support from current RCPCH Fellows.

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Membership subscriptions 2024

Country of residence Annual subscription
UK £630 (£52.50 per month if paying monthly by Direct Debit (UK bank accounts only)
Rest of Europe and North America £447
Rest of world (middle upper income) £286
Rest of world (middle lower income) £227


  • Use of FRCPCH designation
  • FRCPCH lapel pin
  • Fellowship certificate
  • Voting rights, such as for the RCPCH President, Officers or on major changes to the College representation on Council, our governing body (see eligibility requirements in the RCPCH regulations)
  • Representation on Council
  • Regional support
  • Use of the members’ room in RCPCH London office
  • Opportunities to apply for senior College posts, including President and Vice President
  • Exclusive Fellowship events
  • TOTUM PRO eligibility

Resources and communications

  • Digital subscription to Archives of Disease in Childhood journal
  • Milestones, quarterly magazine
  • Monthly members' eBulletin
  • Full access to the Child Protection Portal, including the Companion and other resources

Professional development

  • Continuing professional development (CPD) tools and advice (£205 to non-members)
  • Revalidation support
  • Reduced fees for the RCPCH Conference and other courses and events.

Application process and requirements

Before applying, please read the membership bye-laws and regulations.

You need to:

  • Get two letters of support from current Fellows of the College (proposers) - see guidance for proposers below
  • Complete the application form (download this Word document from the bottom of this page) which provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate how you have contributed to paediatrics and child health - see guidance for applicants below
  • Log in to complete the online application, including to upload your Word application form - see link below
Guidance for applicants

Before you submit your application, ensure you have:


  • Completed application form with supporting statement (maximum 500 words) explaining how your experience and achievements demonstrate the contribution you have made to paediatrics and child health - download the form from the bottom of this page
  • Two letters of support from proposers who must be current RCPCH Fellows - see next section

Evidence of distinction

  • At least three years working in a substantive, non-training post
  • Postgraduate qualification in paediatrics and child health or an allied specialty, eg MRCPCH, DCH, PHD, MD
  • Publications and journal articles on which you are a first-named author in international peer reviewed journals, such as Archives of Disease in Childhood. You should list three most important publications in your application
  • Contribution to other publications, eg books, educational materials, information for parents and families, etc.
  • Invited lectures and presentations at national or international meetings
  • Contribution to the work of major national  or international organisations and/or charities working with children, eg UNICEF, Save The Children
  • Work for parent/carer organisations
  • Service improvement/quality improvement (QI) initiatives
  • Local leadership roles
  • Leadership of paediatric or child health organisations and/or /paediatric specialty groups
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and education work
Guidance for proposers

If you are asked to write a letter of support for a candidate who is applying for Fellowship by election, please include the following information about yourself:

  • Your full name
  • You RCPCH number or email address for identity verification
  • Letterhead of employing organisation/NHS Trust
  • Signature
  • Name of candidate

There is no template for what you need to include within your letter. You do not need to include information about what the candidate has achieved in their career, but you should feel confident in the candidate’s clinical abilities and suitability to undertake activities associated with Fellowship, such as examining for the College or taking on other formal roles.

The deadline for the next round of applications is Friday 28 June 2024. Applicants will receive a notification of their application outcome by Friday 9 August 2024.

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