Become an Ordinary member (by examination)

Ordinary membership supports your professional development with opportunities to access a range of benefits, including a subscription to Archives of Disease in Childhood and Paediatric Care Online. It's easy to apply and pay for your membership online.

In summary, membership of RCPCH means continuous professional education, excellent standards of paediatric care and a strong emotional bond, which definitely improved the final outcome of my daily work.

Ordinary member


If you are a paediatrician who has passed the MRCPCH Clinical or MRCP(UK) part II examination in paediatrics, you may apply for Ordinary membership via this route.

If you are in a paediatric specialty training role, you will also need to register for training. This has an additional fee, and gives you access to RCPCH ePortfolio and resources to support your career. You can do this at the same time as you apply for membership.


Fees for membership and training fees (2019)

Your membership fees include a subscription to Archives of Disease in Childhood, our journal.

Location - Ordinary membership / training Annual fee Monthly cost if paying by Direct Debit (UK only)
UK - membership only £456 £38

UK - membership in training (full time including training fee)

£664 (training fee is £217) £55.33
UK - membership training (less than full time including training fee) £465 (training fee is £130) £38.75
North America & Europe (including Republic of Ireland)* - membership only £351 n/a
Other countries* - membership only £225 n/a

Additional fees charged for UK members: 

  • Overseas levy - 4% of membership subscription fee
  • Visiting fellows levy - £5

If you have any queries about training fees, please call us on 020 7092 6154.

Payment methods

If you have a UK bank account, you may pay your membership (and training fees if relevant) by Direct Debit on an annual or monthly basis. You may also pay by credit card or debit card.


  • Use of MRCPCH designation
  • Membership certificate
  • Voting rights, such as for the RCPCH president, officers or on major changes to the College Representation on Council, our governing body
  • Regional support
  • Access to the online members' directory
  • Use of our members’ room in RCPCH London office
  • Subscription to Archives of Disease in Childhood (cost to non-members is £409) 
  • College quarterly newsletter
  • Option to receive regular email news bulletins
  • The innovative Paediatric Care Online resource, including the Child Protection Companion
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) tools and advice (cost to non-members is £205)
  • Revalidation support
  • Reduced fees for RCPCH Conference and other courses and events


You must have passed the MRCPCH Clinical or MRCP(UK) part II examination in paediatrics to apply for Ordinary membership by examination.

Application timeline

Ordinary members are admitted on a monthly basis. Applications received by the 8th of each month will be considered for commencement of ordinary membership from the 1st of the following month.

Please ensure you read the membership bye-laws and regulations before applying.


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