Nominations for College posts

Members lead on our mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’ as Regional Leads, members of our diverse committees and more. Nominations for College posts are now open until Monday 23 August, 09:30.

These opportunities support paediatric training, such as the development and delivery of our examinations and assessments, and supporting less than full time training. Plus exciting new roles on two Boards: Education and Learning; and Recruitment and Lifelong Careers, for which we have a new AAC Clinical Lead.

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The College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) supervise the development and delivery of sub-specialty training. Vacancies in General Paediatrics, Community Child Health, Palliative Medicine and more.
We're seeking new Champions to our Stepping Up programme, supporting the transition to a consultant role as well as a trainee rep for the Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases CSAC.
Lots of opportunities in England regions this round, including Regional Leads / Deupty Regional Leads and Principal Regional Examiners, plus regional reps on the LTFT Advisors and Child Protection Standing committees.

We're recruiting to the Paediatricians in Medical Management Committee, which advises on national health policy and standards, promoting service improvements nationally.

We also have a role on the BPSU (British Paediatric Surveillance Unit) Scientific Committee) to help deliver the aims of the Unit's reporting system.

In this round we're recruiting Regional Leads in East Scotland and North, North East Scotland, as well as regional respresentatives to our Academic Training Committee and Less than Full Time Training Advisors Committee.
We're now seeking a Wales representative to the Less than Full Time Training Advisors Committee, as well as a Stepping Up Champion for the whole of Wales.
Now inviting nominations for the Stepping Up programme, as well as a Northern Ireland Deputy Regional Lead. Plus BPSU is seeking a member for its Scientific Committee, and this work covers the UK and Ireland.

One year on from the publication of our first action plan on equality, diversity and inclusion themes, we report back on what we have achieved and what still needs to be done.

Members' blogs on volunteering


Reeling in the years at RCPCH

Dr Kevin Windebank is a Retired Paediatric and Adolescent Oncologist from Newcastle upon Tyne and is the College's Representative for Senior Members. In his blog, he recalls the many volunteer roles he's held within the College and how much he's enjoyed being able to contribute to child health while...