Volunteering opportunities - College roles

Each month we invite members to apply for roles on our committees and project boards, with some posts especially for trainees and SAS doctors. Our deadline this round is Monday 2 October at 10.30.
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Three new exciting leadership roles

Action on climate change is one of our key priorities, and the Officer for Climate Change will lead on our activities in collaboration with a dynamic working group.

To support the paediatric workforce, including alternative career pathways and the integration of wider medical roles, we're seeking an Assistant Officer for Careers.

And, the Assistant Officer for Child Protection will volunteer with the standing committee to help prevent violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

The Trainee Research Network provides peer support and guidance for any trainee doing child health research, and is seeking reps from across the country. And, the Trainees Committee has a vacancy in East Midlands.
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Specialty, Associate Specialist and Staff Grade (SAS) doctors are a key part of the paediatric workforce. Our SAS Committee is seeing representatives in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
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As well as an Assistant Officer in this area, we're seeking a Looked After Children rep, and a Clinical Co-Lead to help us develop and review the Child Protection Companion.
Our CSACs supervise the development and delivery of sub-specialty training. Current vacancies are in neurodisability and respiratory medicine.
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Our Certificate of Eligibility to the Specialist Register Committee conducts and oversees the assessment of CESR applications in paediatrics and paediatric sub-specialties. We're recruiting five assessors.
We're seeking a Head of School (open to role sharing) for our Training and Quality Board, which manages the College's strategy and operations plan as it relates to training, curricula, and to the overall trainee experience.
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Help us build our new General Paediatrics Committee

This group will focus on training, curricula and the overall trainee experience in general paediatrics. We're recruiting a Chair, Deputy Chair/Quality Advisor, Careers Advisors, Trainee Rep and Leads for the foundation programme, curricula and SPIN. 
Northern Ireland
Our Health Services Committee advises the College on health policy and service standards - we're recruiting an NI rep for that, as well as for the Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors (SAS) Committee.
Use your clinical expertise and local knowledge to help create positive change in your local area and nationally. You'll share information with us and advocate for both children’s services and the child health workforce.
This leadership role is at the heart of College decision-making. The appointed candidate will sit on the College’s Board of Trustees, the body with overall legal responsibility for the organisation’s work as a charity.
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RCPCH President - applications and election

Be a leading voice on child health policy, paediatric practice and training as our next College President. Applications are open until 10:30, 4 October.

This role is subject to election by the membership.