Milestones magazine for members – winter 2022

Our winter edition has been published to coincide with World Children’s Day (20 November) with children and young people at its centre. Fantastic contributions from young people are at the forefront of this special RCPCH &Us edition.
Illustration of a classroom with teacher writing on blackboard and young people, some with raised ands

Young people interview paediatricians to find out more about their jobs, meet the Milestones editorial team and tell us about all the projects they get involved with at the College.

Our regular contributor Dr Richard Daniels explains how children got their rights, and Ash’s Baking School serves up a popular bake with his patients – cupcakes!

There are also features on the art of pill swallowing, digital online harm  defining general paediatrics and stepping into a DGH setting. We hear from new Officers at the College as well as understanding the culture of wellbeing and how improving accessibility can enable paediatricians to thrive.