The national PAFTA winners 2022

Chair of the Trainees’ Committee, Dr Laura Kelly is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s national PAFTAs, celebrating paediatric training achievements across the UK.
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Laura Kelly
Dr Laura Kelly 

This is the second year I have had the good fortune to be involved in judging the national PAFTAs and I am pleased to report that it remains an absolute joy to hear about the amazing paediatric trainees and trainers spread far and wide across the UK. I said last year that it was a crowded field of excellence in paediatrics and yet the PAFTAs continue to go from strength to strength highlighting even more people and their fantastic training achievements. It never ceases to amaze me the breadth and depth of ways in which trainees positively influence the care of children and young people and similarly how trainers positively drive the training of the next generation of paediatricians. Congratulations to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people nominated in their regions for these awards. It is incredible to hear how so many nominations have been made up and down the country. Whilst it is a joy to judge these awards, it is by no means an easy task, which makes me very proud of our paediatric training community! 

Neethu Treasa Sebastian

Junior Trainee of the Year   

Dr Neethu Treasa Sebastian
ST3 Paediatric Trainee 
Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust

"Thank you to those who put me forward for this award - I feel truly honoured (though I can’t help but think of several people more worthy of the privilege!) I have been blessed to work with many inspiring colleagues, children and families and I hope as I grow, to be able to serve many more."

Dr Laura Combe

Senior Trainee of the Year

Dr Laura Combe
ST7 Paediatric Trainee 
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

"It was a lovely surprise to be nominated for a PAFTA and I was very surprised and honoured to win. Working in paediatrics has been challenging for everyone, in lots of different ways over the last couple of years, and the PAFTAs are such a nice positive project to encourage trainees and supervisors."

Dr Anastasia Alcock 

Educational Supervisor of the Year

Dr Anastasia Alcock 
Paediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant
Evelina London Children's Hospital

“What an incredible honour to receive this award- thank you so much. The current postgraduate doctors are such a formidable team! There are no problems, obstacles or obstructions, just solutions and possibilities. There is passion, drive and motivation in abundance. What a privilege to be helping to steer this team of inspirational doctors forward."

Look out for more on this year's PAFTAs in the summer edition of Milestones!