Update for people shielding in Wales

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales Dr Frank Atherton has confirmed people in Wales who are shielding will no longer need to do so after 16 August.

Shielding will be ‘paused’ in Wales and kept under review. In the event that transmission levels increase, Welsh Government may consider advising the shielding group to take extra precautions and will maintain a list. However, in line with guidance from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, a review over the summer will determine whether each child needs to remain on that list.

Welcoming today’s announcement, RCPCH Officer for Wales David Tuthill said:

We now know more about coronavirus than we did a few months ago and have been able to update our guidance based on the evidence developed over those months. Serious illness from the virus in children is very rare and shielding itself brings its own problems for children. The lockdown has been tough for all children who have missed out on school, play and seeing friends – but especially for those who have been shielding.

Should we face further outbreaks, we can be confident that the vast majority of children, including those under the sole care of a GP, will not need to shield. We hope this announcement will be good news for many families.