Vaccinations important and highly effective, says child health expert

The RCPCH highly recommends vaccination and that anyone who has concerns or questions talk to their health visitor, practice nurse or general practitioner (GP).

There have been a number of news stories published in recent weeks about children and vaccination. In response, Professor Helen Bedford, of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), said:

Vaccinations are important, highly effective and very safe preventive measures that parents can take to protect their children against serious, potentially life threatening illnesses. In the UK we have high uptake rates without needing to make vaccination compulsory.

Bringing in mandatory vaccination could be problematic and could potentially backfire. For people who are undecided about vaccinations, compulsion could make them resistant, and making it compulsory would have little effect on determined vaccine refusers. It is also not a productive way to cultivate public trust.

Vaccinations are straightforward, effective interventions giving long term protection. We highly recommend vaccination and that anyone who has concerns or questions talks to their health visitor, Practice Nurse or GP.