NHS England Long Term Workforce Plan - evidence and advocacy

NHS England published the Long Term Workforce Plan in July 2023. RCPCH calls on stakeholders to begin a programme of work that more appropriately reflects the needs of children and young people. We invite members to download and customise our guide to help advocate for paediatric services in your area.


Published in July 2023, the Long Term Workforce Plan (LTWP) set out NHS England’s plans to address existing and future workforce challenges over the next 15 years. The RCPCH has been calling for a multi-year, evidence based and costed workforce plan for some time. While the College welcomes the publication of the NHSE Long Term Workforce Plan, concerns remain over the lack of child health focus. 

The College published its initial response to the LTWP in June 2023, followed by a detailed briefing in July 2023.

Advocating for children and young people's services - our guide

Now, the RCPCH and its members are calling on national and local stakeholders in England to begin a programme of work from the LTWP that will more appropriately reflect the needs of 25% of the UK population.

To support local conversations, we have created a downloadable guide that outlines the three key points that local policymakers should consider when taking forward the LTWP to local bodies, including Integrated Care Boards in England and other local health authorities:

  • Current demand for CYP health services
  • Future demand for CYP health services - population and complexity
  • Future demand for CYP health services – prevention and inequalities

You can also customise this guide with your local data. Download and print or use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete online.

If you have further questions, contact the RCPCH Workforce and Careers team on workforce@rcpch.ac.uk

Please note: We plan to develop similar guidance for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in due course.