Workforce Information team

We are responsible for providing data and intelligence about the paediatric workforce in the UK. We run a biennial workforce census, regularly monitor new consultants and follow paediatric trainees to provide key data to inform working planning and policy.

We support the development of service standards and the delivery of service reviews, and responds to national workforce related consultations.

Team priorities

  • Ongoing collection, analysis and dissemination of paediatric workforce data to inform and influence service design and workforce and educational planning
  • In depth knowledge of the current paediatric medical workforce to support compliance with current safe and supportive staffing models and future modelling

Key current projects

  • Biennial workforce census
  • CCT and CESR follow up survey
  • Modernising Medical Careers cohort study
  • Rota compliance and vacancies monitoring
  • Outcome measures for acute general paediatrics
  • Community child health workforce planning guidance



Recent content


Physician Associates in Paediatrics event resources - autumn 2021

Our day-long online event on 19 October 2021 brought together people interested in Physician Associates (PAs) – from those who are currently working as a PA or keen to explore the profession to those who work with PAs or employers seeing to recruit them. The programme included a typical day for a PA...

Physician Associates in Paediatrics

Pivotal to achieving improved child health and service experience is a united, multi-professional workforce. Multidisciplinary teams are an effective way of bringing together professionals and diverse talent, knowledge and experience in a cohesive manner with the aim of achieving better child health...

A snapshot of general paediatric and neonatal services: benchmarking for improvement and recovery

Two new reports have been released outlining the findings of a snapshot survey of the UK's general paediatric and neonatal services and workforce in September 2019. The reports provide a pre-COVID benchmark and give recommendations to government, service planners and other decision makers about how ...

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool

This project collects and reports data to support child health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked representatives, such as the paediatric clinical lead, to respond on behalf of their Trust or Health Board. The data were reported back regularly to support service planning, and be used as...