Workforce Information team

We are responsible for delivering information and guidance regarding the paediatric workforce in the UK. We use research, data and evidence to advocate for child health services and workforce, with the ultimate aim of improving child health

The Workforce information and planning pages provide data and reports regarding the wider paediatric workforce and existing service configuration with information drawn from the workforce census we conduct, College surveys and external sources.

We also support the development of service standards, delivery of service reviews and respond to national workforce related consultations across the nations.

Our key priorities:

  • Inform and influence workforce planning and service design using data analysis and dissemination 
  • Facilitate and enhance the recruitment process by monitoring yearly trainee numbers and vacancies. 
  • Provide guidance to improve and maintain a high-quality paediatric service, in particular focussing on consultant and trainee job planning, and rota gap management.
  • Offer in depth knowledge of the current paediatric medical workforce using data modelling to support compliance with safe and supportive staffing models and new ways of working. 
  • Investigate key target areas of interest according to need.

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The Workforce Information team forms part of the Workforce and Careers team, along with Careers and Communities.

Recent content


NHS England Long Term Workforce Plan - evidence and advocacy

NHS England published the Long Term Workforce Plan in July 2023. RCPCH calls on stakeholders to begin a programme of work that more appropriately reflects the needs of children and young people. We invite members to download and customise our guide to help advocate for paediatric services in your ar...

Workforce reports archive - 1999 to 2022

The RCPCH (as the British Paediatric Association) undertook its first census of the paediatric workforce in 1986, and has completed a biennial census since 1999. These reports give an opportunity to see changes in the paediatric workforce over the years.

Paediatric workforce information and evidence library

We have collated paediatric workforce information in the UK - both from RCPCH and publicly available sources - and displayed as interactive maps as well as an 'evidence library'. These aim to support College, members, workforce planners and other stakeholders, and are regularly updated.