Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration - Combined Programme (CESR (CP))

Doctors with prior training from outside a GMC (General Medical Council) approved programme, and who had not obtained the EU minimum time in GMC approved posts before receiving their outcome 6 ARCP, may have entered the Specialist Register through the Combined Programme certification.
Last modified
10 August 2022

The CESR (CP) was a form of certification for specialist registration for doctors who had completed a paediatric training programme, but had not completed the minimum training time in GMC approved training posts due to previous non-approved posts counted towards training.

If you completed at least four years in an approved training programme and were awarded an outcome 6 ARCP for completion of training before 31 December 2020, you may apply to the GMC for your CESR (CP) to be retrospectively granted a CCT. Please see the GMC page for information about retrospective granting of CCT. 

CESR (CP) does not affect your ability to work as a consultant in the NHS. The only legal requirement to be a consultant in the NHS is to be on the GMC's Specialist Register. The Register lists your name and date of registration, but not how you got on the Register, whether you have, CCT, CESR (CP) or other certification.