Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration - Combined Programme (CESR (CP))

Doctors who have previous training from outside a GMC (General Medical Council) approved programme may combine this training with a run-through specialist training programme for the CESR (CP).
Last modified
18 October 2019

About CESR (CP)

This type of certification refers to paediatricians who have trained in non-approved and GMC-approved training programmes*.

The only legal requirement to be a consultant in the NHS is to be on the GMC's Specialist Register. This will list your name and date of registration, but not how you got on the Register, ie that you have a CESR (CP).

Who will complete through CESR (CP)?

For information on whether you are CESR (CP) or not, please review the GMC website.

What happens next?

When you are appointed to the training run-through programme above ST1, we will work with your deanery to determine which training number should be issued (CCT or CESR (CP)). This will be approved by the Head of School.

If you are following the CESR (CP) route, you will be asked to submit evidence in support of your previous training (outside GMC-approved training posts). This is the documentation that is usually submitted at time of ST interview and should include evidence of satisfactory performance in the previous posts.

Apart from this required documentation, the CESR (CP) application route for Specialist Registration is the same as for those eligible for a CCT. Please view our CCT & CESR (CP) application page for guidance.

For more information about CESR (CP) please see the GMC website.

If you have any queries, please contact the Training Services team on training.services@rcpch.ac.uk.

  • *. Those trainees who undertook their training outside of the UK but within the European Union can count their training towards the CCT route providing that they are able to supply confirmation from the competent authority that their training was part of a recognised programme