Sub-specialty recognition

Doctors on the GMC (General Medical Council) Specialist Register may also apply for their registration to be updated with an approved sub-specialty in paediatrics.
Last modified
10 August 2022

Who can apply for sub-specialty recognition?

  • Paediatricians who are on the GMC Specialist Register may apply for other paediatric sub-specialty training to be added to the Register.
  • Applicants for the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) may simultaneously apply for recognition of a sub-specialty as part of their CCT application.
  • This also applies to trainees on the CESR(CP) programme.

What sub-specialty training is acceptable?

  • UK training must be in GMC-approved training posts, following the approved sub-specialty curriculum. In paediatrics, this training may be done only through the NTN Grid Scheme. Approval for sub-specialty training in the UK is prospective and cannot be granted retrospectively.
  • Overseas training must be documented by evidence that it can be considered equivalent to an approved UK training course.

Overseas and UK training may not be combined to count towards your sub-specialty training.

Please visit the GMC website for more information about eligibility criteria for sub-specialty recognition. However, please be aware that these criteria may be changing shortly, and contact the GMC or the College if you have any questions.

Is there a fee?

Applicants who apply for sub-specialty recognition at the time of their CCT application will pay no extra fee. If you apply for sub-specialty recognition later on, an additional fee will be charged by the GMC.

What is the application process?

Applications are made through the GMC. Please see GMC guidance on how to compile and submit your application.

The GMC will forward your application to the College for evaluation.

Final decisions are made by the GMC, based on the College’s recommendation.

Further information

As a prospective applicant, please contact our Training Services team to discuss the most appropriate route to obtaining certification: