Diabetes Quality Programme - resources

Guidance and resources for clinicians involved in the delivery of paediatric diabetes care. The Diabetes Quality Programme team will regularly update this page - please keep checking for the latest resources.
Last modified
18 November 2020


The RCPCH Diabetes Quality Programme team has been notified that the below are examples of good resources and these will be reviewed on a regular basis. Sharing these examples does not equate to formal RCPCH endorsement.

Please get in touch if there are other resources for sharing: diabetesquality@rcpch.ac.uk

Structured education

Deapp aims to deliver the full primary Type 1 Diabetes curriculum at diagnosis via a structured education course using a flipped learning approach, whereby the patient learns about Type 1 Diabetes via a virtual learning environment (a purpose built app) which is then supplemented by education sessions with members of the multi-disciplinary team to ascertain the knowledge of patients though play. For more information, contact marie.atkins@nhs.net.

DigiBete is a video platform and social enterprise which seeks to support children, young people and families self manage their diabetes by providing access to resources online.

Goals of diabetes is a structured education programme providing an overview of facts that young people should understand as they journey from diagnosis through to transitioning from paediatric to adult diabetes services.

The SEREN structured education programme includes three separate workbooks to match the educational level of the child or young person based on the Key Stage school structure. Family workbooks accompany those for younger children. This is run by the National Children and Young People's Network in Wales

RCPCH resources

RCPCH &Us is the voice of children, young people, parents and carers, created to actively seek and share their views to influence and shape policy and practice. See resources for working with children, young people and families

Ensuring high quality care for young people as they move from children's to adult's health services is crucial. See our listing of health transition resources.

The RCPCH Facing the Future - standards for ongoing health needs provides a vision of how paediatric care can be delivered to provide a high quality service to children and young people with ongoing health needs.