Resources for working with children, young people and families

As health professionals, how can you increase patient engagement and voice in your work? We deliver guidance on how to involve children and young people in strategic decision making.
Progress+ is our new curriculum for paediatric training, which will roll out in summer 2023. One of its principles is "patients and families are heard". Young people and trainees have shared their thoughts and some case studies.
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"I loved it when my doctor was telling jokes and dancing, it made me laugh and not feel so worried." - Charlotte. Children and young people tell us how you make a difference every day.
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We want to make it easy for you to find out what children and young people using your services think. Take a look at our tried and tested activities - based on a culinary theme.

Supporting families during COVID-19

We understand this may continue to be a worrying time for children and their families. We have put together useful guidance and advice from across the UK, which we're updating on a regular basis. This includes our poster on advice for families if their child is ill or injured during this period.

And with the support of members like you, we've created a 'health diary' and activity pack for children and young people as they stay at home.

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Who we are

As the Children & Young People's Engagement team, we work to ensure that the voice of children, young people and families is making a difference in child health and healthcare for young patients.

We coordinate the RCPCH &Us Network with children, young people and familiies.