Resources for working with children, young people and families

As health professionals, how can you increase patient engagement and voice in your work? We deliver guidance on how to involve children and young people in strategic decision making.
Almost a third of the 300 young people we engaged want youth friendly services, and a quarter felt that mental services need to improve.
Shape your thinking for an engagement offer at your organisation or service: understand the why, get to the detail and find out the voice.
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Our tried and tested activities help you find out what children and young people who use your services think.

CYP don't ask for much when it comes to their healthcare - they just want to be understood

Engagement 101

We work to ensure that the voice of children, young people and families is making a difference in child health and healthcare for young patients.

For children and young people

Can you help us improve health services for young people like yourself? See how you can get involved and make a difference!