Engaging children and young people - examples of engagement excellence

This collection of case studies and examples of excellence includes the Youth Social Action project, Rainbow Health Youth Supporters and Epilepsy12 Youth Advocates, plus more!

By sharing the high quality and effective engagement work of your healthcare professional peers, we hope you can be inspired and learn from their success in engaging children and young people in their projects and involving patients in service design and evaluation.
Podcasts by young people

Listen directly to young people talking about topics that matter to them in these youth--led podcasts.

Our voices: engagement done well (audio with transcript)

Our voices: climate change (audio with transcript)

A young person's experience of living with epilepsy (audio with transcript)

A youth MDT on youth friendly spaces, mental health, identity and transition (video)

Youth Social Action

We're supporting children and young people to stay healthy, happy and well to create a healthy future. Our activities pack and how-to guides help young people think critically about health information, research conditions in their local area and work together to improve outcomes for others.

See Youth Social Action page for more detail and downloadable resources

Epilepsy12 Youth Advocates

This is a group of epilepsy experienced or interested children, young people and families who volunteer together to improve care for epilepsy patients and their families. You can read about their award-winning project, the Clinic Chat Check List, and their experiences and tips on developing a school care plan.

See the Epilepsy12 page for more details and downloadable resources

Asthma &Me Ambassadors

We are on a mission to improve asthma care and services for children and young people.

We joined together from all over the UK - some of us are personally affected by asthma and others affected through people they know. We've collected voice from children, young people and families in their clinics across the country and hope we can represent their voice in different settings and have the support of others to take action and implement the changes they say are needed.

It's every child’s right, article 24 of the United Nations on the Rights of the Child, to have the best possible health care and with your help we can achieve this.

In 2021 we were really proud to be part of the award winning team of volunteers who were given the HQIP Richard Driscoll Memorial Award for patient and public involvement.

We worked with NACAP to create new patient leaflets (which you can download from our web page) to help patients and families to know what happens when you go to A&E with an asthma attack, how to stay healthy, happy and well as well as hints and tips for asthma care. There are three leaflets depending on your age - and some have games and activities in them!

Climate Changers

We are a group of young people with an interest in climate change who meet regularly to turn ideas into action.

Find out how this project gives children and young people across the UK the chance to tell us what they think about climate change and how we share that insight with doctors.

Rainbow Health Youth Supporters Pack

Inspired by the NHS Rainbow Badge Initiative, a group of young people contributed their views, ideas and recommendations for creating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+)-aware and -accessible health services.

See the Rainbow Health Youth Supporters page for more details and downloadable resources