Health diary and stay at home activities for children and young people

In 2020 RCPCH &Us created some things to do when staying at home, for example due to national lockdowns. We have a health diary to write or draw your questions or feelings between appointments. And an activity pack so you can help the NHS and entertained (plus get a certificate!).

Health diary

There may be times when you won’t see your doctors or nurses as often as you'd like. They may be helping other children and young people, or you may be between appointments.

Your doctors and nurses still really care about you and what you are up to. Some of them worked with RCPCH &Us to create a diary - you can write or draw your feelings and your questions... and some of the fun things you're doing at home.

You can download the diary below. There's a print version that you print at home. And, a digital version you can fill in on your computer or smartphone - and, if you like, email to your doctor before your next appointment.

Activity pack

Our RCPCH &Us children and young people’s activity pack is full of fun things to do to help keep you happy and well - from volunteering to help the NHS from your home to fun games and quizzes about RCPCH. 

There's even the chance to get an RCPCH &Us certificate and be part of a monthly prize draw - you'll need to email what you have been working on. (There's more details for you and your family in the pack.)

You can download the activity pack below.

And more

There are lots of things out there to help with boredom, worries or to get up to date news and information. Here's a selection.

RCPCH &Us is a network of children, young people and families working to improve child health across the UK. You can find out more and join us.