How to submit a data request for education and training research

Each year, paediatricians or those working in medical education request some RCPCH exam or assessment data so they can undertake research or, often, analyse as part of their M.Ed. dissertations.

Who considers these requests?

Our Psychometric team (part of the Quality and Standards team) considers and coordinates these requests (both internal and external) in liaison with the Quality and Standards Manager and Divisional Director.

Part of this process involves liaison with the Information Governance manager to ensure the RCPCH Data Sharing and Confidentiality policies are followed. (These are available on request.)

Making an external data request

As a team, we are keen to collaborate in educational research. If you would like to make an external data request, please complete the External Research Proposal form (below) and email back to: Richard Teahan, Psychometrician on

Please note that all research undertaken in conjunction with the RCPCH remains the intellectual property of the College, and that the College will be included in and informed of any publication or sharing of research findings (eg conferences).