Our manifesto for the next UK General Election – support children’s health and wellbeing in a changing world (2024)

The next General Election takes place on 4 July 2024. Our manifesto sets out recommendations that we know will help improve child health outcomes if adopted.
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The RCPCH Manifesto

Our manifesto, published September 2023 and refreshed in March 2024, is framed by a call to political parties to change the “machinery of government” to support better policy making for children and young people. This means:

  • Establishing a cabinet level Minister for Children and Young People
  • Adopting a child health in all policies approach
  • Developing a cross-departmental Child Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

These calls are underpinned by seven pillars each of which include a suite of policy recommendations that we urge political parties to support. These pillars are:

  1. Prioritise child health services
  2. Support for the child health workforce
  3. Harness the power of data
  4. Promote the prevention of ill health
  5. Address children's mental health
  6. Strengthen child protection
  7. Tackle climate change

Over the coming months we will use this manifesto to influence politicians, their advisors and party officials in charge of producing each of the main political party manifestos. We’ll work with other organisations and charities wherever our policy calls align and, when the election nears, there will be an opportunity for members to contact their candidates encouraging them to become an advocate for our work if they are elected an MP. 

Read our manifesto below. You can also download the manifesto and our two-page leaflet at the bottom of this page. 

Share the RCPCH Manifesto

We've made it easy for you to share our manifesto with your parliamentary candidates. If you're a member living in the UK, you can use our template letter to email your local candidates, share the manifesto and ask: if elected, how will you prioritise child health and the NHS workforce?

Our work in coalition

As part of our effort to ensure decision-makers introduce the best public policy for children and young people, it can sometimes be more effective to work in coalition with other organisations.

This can help elevate the importance of certain issues in the minds of politicians and is helpful for our work on cross-cutting issues such as poverty or climate change.

Ahead of the General Election, we have endorsed several coalition manifestos and statements directed towards all political parties. These include: