Medusa - injectable medicines guide

Medusa provides guidance on the preparation and administration of injectable medicines in adult and paediatric clinical areas with links, if appropriate, to local practice guidelines. It contains over 400 monographs for medicines given via the intravenous (IV) route.

The injectable medicines guide (IMG) multidisciplinary advisory group, led by Imperial College Healthcare Trust, have developed an Injectable Medicines Guide - a web-based resource, also known as Medusa. It is hosted by the NHS Wales Informatics Service and can be accessed via the internet or downloaded and made available through an organisation’s intranet.

Since 2013, the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacy Group (NPPG) has provided funding to review all monographs for medicines used in children and/or neonates to ensure content reflects good practice in this clinical area. All monographs are checked for accuracy and consistency with IMG Writing Guidelines by a regional Medicines Information (UKMI) centre. In organisations where Medusa is used, a paediatric pharmacist will be involved in reviewing and commenting on updated monographs before they are published.

RCPCH endorses the use of Medusa and their monographs on the preparation and administration of injectable medicines for use in paediatrics.