National Children and Young People's Diabetes Quality Programme

This programme, developed in partnership with the National Children and Young People's Diabetes Network and eleven local networks, aims to improve outcomes for Children and young people with diabetes in England and Wales. It has three parts: a Quality Improvement Collaborative, an annual Self Assessment process and a Peer Review programme.

About the programme

The elements of this exciting programme are starting to make impact across NHS paediatric units in England and Wales. Self Assessment is nearing completion, Peer Reviewers have been trained and Review visits will be announced shortly and the pilot QI collaborative has demonstrated the impact of a whole-team managed course. More details are set out below.

 A slideset that explains the programme can be downloaded below, or contact us or your network manager if you would like any specific materials for local use.

Quality Improvement Collaborative

This Collaborative will support multi-disciplinary (MDT) teams to improve and share their processes and develop new models of care to improve outcomes for children and young people.

In October 2017, a Collaborative involving the whole MDT from ten participating units was piloted. This aims to help them implement new ways of working, mechanisms for measurement and review, and provides time together to agree shared objectives and plans. 

From October 2018, we roll out the Collaborative to all units in this programme, with an option for national or regional participation.

We are now recruiting to national waves 2 and 3 - find out more.

Self assessment  - closing on 30 June

This process, launched on 17 May, enables benchmarking against national standards and best practice. The self assessment returns will be coordinated nationally across England and Wales and externally verified for use in planning and developing services.  Clinical leads in all participating units should have received login details, contact us if not. 

Go to data collection site - closing 30 June 

You can download the measures below to monitor progress with the self assessment and benchmark your unit against standards. Please contact us if you would like an editable version (in MS Word).

To evidence the self assessment and support improvement, it is recommended that units produce three core documents which cover the measures. You can download templates below to support this work: operational policy, annual report and annual workplan. 

We wrote to all Medical Directors in England recently to inform them of the programme and that they may be requested to sign off self assessment declarations. The letter can be downloaded below

Consultation on Priority Measures to 27 July

The Steering Group is consulting on a subset of “Core Measures” in the Self Assessment for Network, Hospital Trusts/Health Board and MDT compliance.  These include all of the measures that are linked to the Best Practice Tariff in England and other measures which demonstrate core requirements of an effective service for children young people and their families. The measures and consultation can be downloaded below.

We want to be sure that these measures are the right ones; they will be used to provide an additional level of discrimination  when planning reviews and offering support.

To respond, please email by 27 July.

Peer review

This programme of visits will begin formally in October 2018. We will ensure Network Managers and units are involved in deciding the best time for the visits

All units will have at least 12 weeks' notice of the visit dates. Detailed guidance and handbooks are being prepared and tested with volunteer units, building on the process used in 2012-13.

We have had an overwhelming response to our request for Peer Reviewers among clinicians and parent representatives. If you would like to know more please get in touch and we can send application forms. There will be more opportunities to attend induction/training events next year. 


We produce monthly updates about the programme for circulation through Network Managers and Chairs. For the latest (June) edition please download below.  

Contact us

For more information or if you have any questions we'd be delighted to hear from you!

Please contact or call Sue Eardley or Megan Peng on 020 7092 6091/ 6160.