NI Commissioner for Children & Young People (NICCY) Corporate Plan 2023 – 2027 consultation response.

NICCY has launched its draft Corporate Plan ‘Children’s Rights: From Rhetoric to Reality’ which outlines its strategic priorities for the next four years. 

This plan sets out high-level objectives and builds on the achievements and progress of work carried out on the objectives identified in the previous plan. 

Our response

In January 2024, RCPCH responded to the consultation supporting the six main Strategic Objectives of NICCY’s Corporate Strategy 23-27. In the response RCPCH offered commentary on the Objectives and associated themes detailed in the consultation document from the perspective of physical, mental, emotional health and the determinants of health and wellbeing generally which are core to the holistic ‘whole child’ approach to policy affecting infants, children and young people.

Our summary:

  • RCPCH supports the theme around incorporation of the UNCRC into NI domestic law as it would legally protect children’s rights and give way to the basic principle of accountability for breach of rights.
  • NICCY’s prioritisation of Rights as an objective is welcomed. In particular RCPCH supports: the prioritisation of promoting children’s rights in terms of judicial decision making; addressing health inequalities of poverty and the environment among others; and the strengthening of safeguarding provisions.
  • RCPCH further welcomes the commitment to keep under review the More than a Number and Still Waiting Reports given that the NI Audit Office highlighted the number of children waiting for initial outpatient appointments and hospital admission both increased by 45% between 2017 and 2022.
  • RCPCH are in full support of creating opportunities for children and young people to have a direct say in decisions affecting them, including supporting them to campaign on issues affecting children in NI.

Download and read the response in full below.

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