We’ve changed some of the ways we work since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, but don’t worry – our friendly team in Northern Ireland are here to make sure you have a voice. We manage external relations with stakeholders and policymakers including the Northern Ireland Executive and organisations with an interest in child health. Explore resources, news and events, and read our FAQs page.
Dr Ray Nethercott is the Officer for Ireland, representing members in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland at RCPCH Council. The Regional Lead for Northern Ireland is Dr Mugilan Anandarajan, and the position of Regional Lead for the Republic of Ireland is currently vacant.
This committee allows paediatricians to act as advocates for the College in Northern Ireland in relation to media, public affairs and health policy work. It offers input and advice on member focused activity such as courses and events.
We have collated some useful links for members in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Take a look!

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RCPCH Ireland team

The team in Northern Ireland engages with senior policy makers within the Department of Health and Education and other key statutory and voluntary bodies on RCPCH priorities including our State of Child Health Northern Ireland report and recommendations, our Facing the Future suite of standards and our workforce census report and recommendations among other things.

We also support the Officer for Ireland and the Ireland Executive Committee membership to influence key NI Executive Strategies and respond to relevant policy consultations. For all enquiries, email us at We are updating our mail and phone contact details and will update this page soon. You can use our main contact us page for other key College contacts.