We manage external relations with stakeholders and policymakers including the Northern Ireland Executive and organisations with an interest in child health. Our friendly team is here to make sure members across Ireland have a voice.
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Our team works with paediatricians in Northern Ireland and our Ireland Executive Committee. We provide the government and third sector with up-to-date guidance and we push for policy change to improve the health of children and young people.
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Dr Ray Nethercott is the Officer for Ireland, representing members in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland at RCPCH Council. We've also collated contacts for RCPCH in NI and ROI and for training in NI.
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This committee allows paediatricians to act as advocates for the College in relation to media, public affairs and health policy work. It offers input and advice on member-focused activity such as courses and events.
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There is a large and growing number of children on paediatric outpatient waiting lists in NI. Our new report highlights this worrying trajectory and makes policy recommendations to help ensure children receive care in a timely manner and within the right service.
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Contacting us

If you have questions or comments about our policy and public affairs work, we'd love to hear from you. Email or call 028 9693 6901 or 028 9693 6902. Send any post to Northern Ireland Office, RCPCH, 5-11 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SH.

Other staff teams at RCPCH can help with any questions about membership, exams or training.

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Equal protection from assault in England and Northern Ireland: Prohibiting physical punishment of all children

In England and Northern Ireland, children are the only group of people not fully protected in law from physical assault. Our recommendations demonstrate to Government policymakers both the practicalities of removing the 'reasonable punishment defence’ from law and the appropriate next steps to reduc...

Paediatric rota gaps survey 2024 - about this project

We are asking College Tutors across the UK to complete a survey, or ask their relevant colleagues to do so, about rota gaps in their Trust or Health Board. The data collected will give us a better understanding of rota gaps in paediatrics and reasons. We can use this information to support our membe...