Policy & Public Affairs: Ireland

The Policy and Public Affairs Lead, John McBride, and Policy and Public Affairs Office, Anna McDaid, are responsible for ensuring that the annual forward work plan of the RCPCH Ireland Executive Committee under its Chair, Dr Ray Nethercott, is carried forward, and that the College engages on the key health policy issues that impact on infants, children and young people in Northern Ireland.

The team engages with senior policy makers within the Department of Health and Education and other key statutory and voluntary bodies on RCPCH priorities including our State of Child Health 2020 Northern Ireland report and recommendations, our Facing the Future suite of standards and our workforce census report and recommendations among other things. We also support the Officer for Ireland and the Ireland Executive Committee membership to influence key NI Executive Strategies and respond to relevant public consultations.

We are tasked with supporting the delivery of externally and/or politically focused events developed to further RCPCH priorities for improving outcomes for infants, children and young people. We engage with the local membership by way of the Ireland Executive Committee to inform the consideration of localised training and education courses for our members in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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