RCPCH and equality, diversity and inclusion - phase 2

We are charting how the College can position itself to address wider issues across the protected characteristics. We focus on matters raised by members, including differential attainment and career progression, as well as in the work paediatricians do to support children and young people.
Last modified
6 November 2020

We started this phase of our work in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in August 2020. It follows phase 1 in which we specifically looked at member representation in our voluntary roles, commissioning a report with external input and producing an action plan in July 2020.

Phase 2 of our EDI work is arranged into four workstreams:

  1. Working lives of paediatricians
  2. Health outcomes for children and young people
  3. Voluntary roles at the College
  4. The College as an organisation

It is expected that this will lead to a new action plan, provisionally for publication in early 2021.

More information to follow soon.