RCPCH pensions survey - the impact of pension tax legislation on our UK members

Our survey of paediatric consultants in the UK highlights the damaging impact of pension related tax bills on clinicians, and the knock-on effect on services for children and young people. Our document describes the findings from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Infographic: £3.6M - The minimum total of pension related tax bills issued to 205 RCPCH members in the UK. £10-20k most common pension related tax bill value received. 76% could not easily find out if liable for pension related tax bill. 79% more likely to retire early. 59% think paediatric services have been reduced.

Impact on RCPCH members in the UK

In November 2019 we ran a short survey to gauge the impact of pension tax legislation on RCPCH UK members and the knock-on effect on the care of children and young people. 

715 UK members responded, from 30 years of age to 60+. Respondents were current or retired paediatric consultants. Our infographic above outlines the main findings, giving a glimpse into the detrimental effects of pension related tax bills on clinicians and services.

Our members also told us:

I am about to reduce from 12 sessions to 10 sessions and will retire aged 57 even though still enthusiastic.

Reduced clinics resulting in increase in waiting list never seen before.

I am demoralised, worn out, underappreciated.

Download the report below for more information and to see the results from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.