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How can we work with and involve children and young people in research? Whether you're a child or young person, or a health professional - we have collated the most useful resources from other organisations. Start with our webinar (May 2017), which looks at principles of participation and gives you some practical tips!

For young people and parents

Find studies that you or your child might find of interest or get involved in at UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics has a number of resources:

For trainee paediatricians, nurses, consultants and SAS doctors

Engaging children, young people and their families in research

Nuffield Council on Bioethics:

Involving children and young people in decision making in research

Supporting and communicating with children and young people

  • Disability Matters has a range of free e-learning resources for professionals to support understanding disability and communication with disabled children and young people
  • Healthtalkonline offers personal stories of health and illness to enable patients, families and health-care professionals to benefit from the experiences of others
  • NHS England Youth Forum has created a range of resources about rights in healthcare including an easy read leaflet that talks about consent and confidentiality
  • National Institute for Health Research: Children payment for participation report

Ethics and data confidentiality

Other resources you may find useful

For more from RCPCH

For more information about research please contact the RCPCH Research & Evidence team at Or, to find out more about involving children and young people contact: