Sustainable working practices during winter - webinar recording for trainees and trainers

We know members expect significant pressures in their clinical work over the winter period. This webinar, recorded in early November 2021, gives some practical ideas on how to sustain work in the face of these pressures.

Chaired by Laura Kelly, Chair of Trainees' Committee, other speakers include Cathryn Chadwick, VP for Training & Assessment, with two more representatives from the Trainees' Committee, Maddy Fogarty-Hover (Less Than Full Time rep) and Lia Davies (Kent, Surrey & Sussex rep).

They discuss exception reporting (England) and hours monitoring (rest of UK) to offer practical support on managing educational delivery and addressing time pressures within the NHS. They discuss the cultural change in using exception reporting / hours monitoring as intended to share data with those that need to know where the pressures lie. When information on what isn't working is readily available, changes can be applied.