Training in research for the benefit of children

All trainees have to attain research competencies. In addition, those who train in research are afforded unique opportunities to develop academic skills and undertake original research and, for some, develop an academic career. All of this can be achieved whilst maintaining and excelling in clinical training and gaining full accreditation as a paediatrician.

Our guide aims to support all trainee paediatricians in their involvement in research.​

Being able to contribute towards the understanding of a disease using cutting-edge technology, and being involved in both the clinical and the laboratory side of the study, has been so exciting and fulfilling.

Dr Kathleen Sim, Doctoral Research Fellow

Our guide contains information for:

  • trainees considering applying for a clinical academic training post
  • trainees already part of the clinical academic training pathway
  • trainees who want to undertake research outwith the clinical academic training pathway, and
  • trainers (Educational, Clinical and Academic Supervisors).