Paediatric SCRIPT

Paediatric SCRIPT is an eLearning programme, which aims to improve prescribing competency and safety among specialist paediatric trainees. It is now being used by all Paediatric Schools in England.

Paediatric SCRIPT is funded by Health Education England and is available free of charge to all paediatric specialist trainees and to anyone working in the NHS with an or email address.

For others, access to Paediatric SCRIPT is available upon purchase of an individual licence at £20 per year.

The RCPCH has endorsed this online learning product in accordance with the current RCPCH endorsement guidelines.


Launched in 2016, Paediatric SCRIPT was created by a group of paediatric trainees who had used SCRIPT during their Foundation training and felt a similar resource was required for paediatric prescribing, as studies showed that the incidence of prescribing errors in paediatric in-patients is around 13%. The development of the programme was led by junior doctors, working together with the SCRIPT team at the University of Birmingham, OCB Media Ltd, and Health Education England.

Each module takes around 30 – 60 minutes to complete. All course materials are based on the RCPCH curriculum. They have been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals, and are regularly reviewed and updated.