Theory exams - tips from the experts to help you prepare

Taking theory exams? Fantastic news! Want some great tips on how to approach the exams and how (or what) to study? This page houses videos giving tips from experts on a wide range of principles for theory exams. We highly recommend not leaving these to the last minute; remember it's not just about watching the video, but also putting these good tips into practice...

Four top tips

If you only watch one video, then this is it (although we would of course highly recommend watching all the videos on this page)! Join Dr Paddy McCrossan for his four top tips.

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Preparation begins on the ward

Ever heard the expression "preparation begins on the ward"? Want to know how to make the most of this saying and make it work for your studying? Then join Dr Martin Hewitt and Dr Priya Kumar as they share their thoughts on this important subject.

Tips on questions

Our next video is all about the questions in the theory exams. Dr Jo Walker, Dr Priya Kumar and Dr Paddy McCrossan explore the set up of questions and share often overlooked but vitally important information to help you give the correct answers!

Use the resources

Please do use the resources as recommended by Dr Will Carroll and Dr Paddy McCrossan.

One other piece of prep...

We also highly recommend watching and actioning the steps from our systems check and speed check tutorial - in the space and on the equipment that you will be using to take the exam. We will email candidates with information and access to these systems approximately 14 days before the exam takes place.

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