Get ready for exams

If you're preparing for the Diploma of Child Health or MRCPCH (membership) exam, we provide a range of courses and resources to help you pass with flying colours.


MRCPCH Theory and Science exam preparation course

20 April 2020


We know that many candidates find the Theory and Science (TAS) exam a particularly difficult one to prepare for using textbooks alone. Through a combination of online lectures and face-to-face workshops, our elite team of experts will give you a better grasp of the assessment criteria as well as art...

DCH Clinical exam preparation course

13 March 2020


This one-day course will familiarise you with the Diploma of Child Health Clinical exam. You will gain a greater understanding of the assessment criteria, the key skills required, the pitfalls to avoid by focusing on exam technique and, through practice, how to approach each station.

MRCPCH Clinical examination candidate guidance

MRCPCH Clinical is the final element of the MRCPCH (membership exam). It assesses whether candidates have reached the standard in clinical skills expected of a newly appointed Specialty Trainee 4 (ST4). It is held in hospital sites across the UK and in a number of other countries. We introduce our g...