START scenario generation sessions - volunteering opportunities

We invite consultants from all paediatric sub-specialties and senior trainees post-START to join our START scenario generation groups, currently run online. It's a great opportunity for your own continuing professional development and helps support the next generation of consultant paediatricians. 
Online sessions - see below for dates

The RCPCH START (Specialty Trainee Assessment of Readiness for Tenure) team is looking for new scenarios in various generic and sub-speciality domains. These include critical appraisal, handover, logistics and organisation, safe prescribing, ethics, conflict, mental health, equality and diversity, children and young people's engagement, etc. You'll also be welcome to write new sub-speciality scenarios on acute and chronic clinical or professional themes.

You can find out more about these on our our RCPCH START - how it works page.

Currently, all our START generation sessions run virtually on Microsoft Teams, and you'll be able to join with your own device from home or work. They are scheduled to run throughout the year and time-tabled for 09.30 - 13.00.

Upcoming dates in 2023:

  • Tuesday, 14 February
  • Monday, 24 April
  • Thursday, 1 June
  • Wednesday, 19 July
  • Tuesday, 12 September
  • Friday, 24 November

Please contact Dr S Babarao, Chair of the RCPCHStart Board, on for any further information or if you have any ideas/suggestions for scenario generation but unable to attend any of the virtual sessions. 

Please spread the word within your teams!