COVID-19 &Us - views from RCPCH &Us

RCPCH &Us is working with young people to reflect on their experiences of COVID-19 and the lockdown. This will help inform future planning for times of national crisis such as a natural disaster, another pandemic, terrorist incident or other cause of nationwide disruption.
Last modified
26 May 2020

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About these projects and how they will be developed

These projects started in May 2020 and will continue throughout the year, sharing their findings and resources through this page and via other programmes.

They include:

Keep, develop or avoid: We're running workshops with young people across the UK to reflect on the changes they have experienced in their health services and to identify which should remain going forward. This work will support our Paediatrics 2040 programme and provide insight for QI Central (our quality improvement sharing hub) and the workforce impact tracking of COVID-19.

Mental health pocketbook: Young people are identifying and reviewing apps and resources that support mental health and emotional wellbeing. They'll then look at where the gaps are, working together to provide recommendations for decision makers that would support the development of new resources and apps. This project will support mental health surge planning as we move through to reset, restore and recover child health services.

Services &Us: Our workshops with children, young people and young adults from a range of backgrounds - including those with long term conditions, from vulnerable groups or with specific health care experiences such as LGBT+ young patients - look at specific experiences, expectations and perceptions on services. We'll capture learning to inform planning for integrated services in times of national crisis. This will provide insight to programmes such as the RCPCH Ambassadors (members acting as local advocates for children and young people), for the NHS Long Term Plan's children’s transformation board and for health and social care trust boards across the UK.

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