Northern Ireland Assembly election 2022

Ahead of the election on 5 May, we as paediatricians called on the incoming Assembly to create and embed a child rights-based Health and Social Care system. Our manifesto for child health outlined four key areas for action.

We welcome the recall of the Northern Ireland Assembly

The Assembly is set to be recalled on 26 July, and we hope progress can be made to form an Executive. On 21 July, our Officer for Ireland, Dr Ray Nethercott. commented, "action is needed now to prioritise and protect children so that they will thrive, prosper and live happy and healthy lives."

We asked candidates to support our calls to make child health a national priority

Make child health a national priority - signs held up by cartoon children | Northern Ireland
Person looking at computer and a tick mark

We invited members to get involved

All too often we find that children and young people’s matters are not getting the attention they deserve.

So we asked members to join our campaign to ask their local candidates to make child health a priority if they're elected. This campaign is now closed.

Our manifesto for child health in Northern Ireland

We want to see the next Northern Ireland Executive take action in four areas: service and system; prevention and early intervention; child health inequalities and poverty; child health workforce. Read more in our manifesto...